FASD Training

Donna Debolt
As a social worker in private practice, Donna challenges communities through training and improved case management to develop and implement prevention, intervention and management strategies to successfully support individuals and families who are dealing with alcohol-related disabilities. She provides clinical support to children's aid societies, mental health organizations and other across Canada. Donna is working with Alberta Human Services on an innovative program targeting practice standards and expertise in Child Welfare to improve outcomes for individuals suspected as having FASD.

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High-Quality FASD Education

 FASDtraining.com sessions

Interfaith Food Bank Society of Lethbridge​

1103-3rd Avenue N. Lethbridge, AB

Training Agenda - 12 hours

  1. How does FASD present?
  2. What is FASD? Screening and effective diagnostic process
  3. Brain NOT Behaviour
  4. Creating Environmental Supports - home - school - community
  5. How FASD impacts caring - defining appropriate and realistic and attainable goals
  6. Coordinating a community response - what are the benefits of dynamic case management
  7. Planning for the future - what does it all mean?
DATES Spring 2020


Cost is $300 + GST ($15) = $315

Agencies signing up 3 staff will only pay for 2 $630

2 Caregivers from the same household will only pay one registration fee $315