"I thought two days would be long but it was NOT."

"I have been waiting for sometime to learn with you. I have been researching a lot and reading Badry, Fuchs, Poole, Walsh and more. I have seen many references to your (Donna) work. Thank You!"

"Wonderful course. Excellent information. I wish I would have taken it 5 years ago."

A problem I had which was solved with FASDtraining.com...

"...being better equipped to educate others and advocate for the children in my care..."

"How to have a discussion with suspected FASD client."

"Provided me with new language. A great deal of information can be generalized to other disabilities."

 I Liked... 

             ...that I am walking away understanding my son's FASD so much better when it comes to his thinking. After 3 years of no training offered for anything, Donna managed to put "hope" into my vocabulary. And for that "thank you". I liked that MY grief and loss is normal and that I will work through it.

  • ​Blunt fast paced knowledge
  • Facts that are hard hitting
  • Advice to stop talking at them and start talking with them.
  • The way you (Donna) are real about it.

A problem I had which was solved...

            ...What are my expectations of my Junior High students with FASD? (my old question)

               How can i make my Junior High students with FASD feel competent, confident?

(my new question) 

"This information needs


larger audience!"

"I have a better understanding on how I need to support my clients that have FASD."

"I hope this course becomes mandatory for all workers and caregivers"

"...very beneficial and useful training with practical applications."

FASD Training