I Liked... 

             ...that I am walking away understanding my son's FASD so much better when it comes to his thinking. After 3 years of no training offered for anything, Donna managed to put "hope" into my vocabulary. And for that "thank you". I liked that MY grief and loss is normal and that I will work through it.

A problem I had which was solved with FASDtraining.com...

"...being better equipped to educate others and advocate for the children in my care..."

"How to have a discussion with suspected FASD client."

"Provided me with new language. A great deal of information can be generalized to other disabilities."

FASD Training

A problem I had which was solved...

            ...What are my expectations of my Junior High students with FASD? (my old question)

               How can i make my Junior High students with FASD feel competent, confident?

(my new question) 

"I thought two days would be long but it was NOT."

"This information needs


larger audience!"

"I have a better understanding on how I need to support my clients that have FASD."

"I hope this course becomes mandatory for all workers and caregivers"

"...very beneficial and useful training with practical applications."